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Yesterday I commented on Diane River’s post The Critical Importance of Sunsets, Easter Bonnets, and Pie. I said, “My view on faith was formed through my dad.” Her response:  “Just reading your screen name and your comment, it sounds like your view on faith might be complicated. I hope it is sustaining you through what must be a tough time. Thanks for weighing in.”

Most of my life, my concept of faith was defined by my dad. He was a pillar in my life. When that pillar fell and my world was shattered, my life exploded and I made some VERY poor choices. Choices that hurt those I loved the most. It was beyond damaging.

Then, I discovered a faith that was not based on my earthly father. I discovered the redemption and the power of unconditional love from a holy Daddy.

And that’s why celebrating Easter today is so meaningful to me.

So yes, Diane, my view on faith was complicated. BUT it not longer is–it is redeeming!