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My dad called me the other day.

He has now called me on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, after we moved, and just recently.

He can’t call out unless he has money. I used to send him a bit every month, but haven’t been able to the past few months. I feel bad about it.

Whenever I talk with my dad he’s always interested in knowing what we’re up to. He doesn’t tell me a whole lot about how he’s doing, unless I specifically ask. Then he’ll tell me about funny things or interesting things. I never hear about difficult or hurting things, or anything negative. He’s always been like that.

In one of his first letters to me, he wrote, “…most of the observations made to me have been that I must have served time before because I’m way too relaxed for someone who’s brand new.”

I get a feeling it’s not healthy to always act like everything’s okay. And I’ve always wondered if he will still be the same person after going through a prison sentence.


I work for a small company. A great company. They don’t know about my dad–I haven’t breathed a word. It’s just not something you share with everyone, at least I don’t.

The last place I worked for knew. And it actually made things easier. It made it easier when I had depressing days, and for me to be able to take time off to attend the sentencing and again to say good-bye to my dad.

But I’m afraid if I tell my current company, their view of me might change. Will the knowledge that my dad is a convict affect how they treat me, or trust me? Is there an appropriate time/way to tell them? Do I wait until my dad gets out and say I need the time off?

I’m probably thinking about this way too much….

Yesterday I commented on Diane River’s post The Critical Importance of Sunsets, Easter Bonnets, and Pie. I said, “My view on faith was formed through my dad.” Her response:  “Just reading your screen name and your comment, it sounds like your view on faith might be complicated. I hope it is sustaining you through what must be a tough time. Thanks for weighing in.”

Most of my life, my concept of faith was defined by my dad. He was a pillar in my life. When that pillar fell and my world was shattered, my life exploded and I made some VERY poor choices. Choices that hurt those I loved the most. It was beyond damaging.

Then, I discovered a faith that was not based on my earthly father. I discovered the redemption and the power of unconditional love from a holy Daddy.

And that’s why celebrating Easter today is so meaningful to me.

So yes, Diane, my view on faith was complicated. BUT it not longer is–it is redeeming!

I got a letter in the mail from my dad the other day.

I had asked him when he might be out, on good behavior or whatever they like to call it. We were hoping it would be this month. His response:

“My case manager sent in paperwork the other day, for me to be released to home confinement on July 6th. May not happen because release dates around here are fluid.”

I’m wondering what “home confinement” is going to look like. He is currently in a prison in another state. Will he be in a half-way house in that state? Will he be able to come home? According to an online legal dictionary, home confinement is, “Confinement to one’s home or another specified location instead of incarceration in a jail or prison.” 

I guess I’ll find out when the time comes.