Do I Tell?

Posted: April 14, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I work for a small company. A great company. They don’t know about my dad–I haven’t breathed a word. It’s just not something you share with everyone, at least I don’t.

The last place I worked for knew. And it actually made things easier. It made it easier when I had depressing days, and for me to be able to take time off to attend the sentencing and again to say good-bye to my dad.

But I’m afraid if I tell my current company, their view of me might change. Will the knowledge that my dad is a convict affect how they treat me, or trust me? Is there an appropriate time/way to tell them? Do I wait until my dad gets out and say I need the time off?

I’m probably thinking about this way too much….

  1. CrimeDime says:

    That’s a really tough decision, because many people *will* judge you. It’s a question of how much you trust your new coworkers, and how much you can afford to lose if they know. Good luck.

    • I trust my new co-workers. My main concern is since I haven’t been there long enough to display my integrity over time, it may affect how much they trust me.
      Thanks for the well wishes. I’m sure I’ll post how it goes, if I tell….

  2. I would probably opt not to tell them for awhile. I would even make up a story about someone I know whose father is/was in jail and see how they react when they think it’s NOT me. But that’s just me and my defensive nature.

    • I did discover that my boss used to help run a prison ministry. I asked him if it changed his view of those in prison. He said yes, he realized some people really can change. Doesn’t really tell me how he’d react to my situation though…. But your suggestion is food for thought. Thanks.

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